A better project name

Wow, I very much like Gitogether! It does not encompass minorities that we care about though. And Mercurialtogether does not work :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but you should do a more thorough name check than I did with a quick DDG’ing.

It’s frustrating :frowning: You found such great names.

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I learned about weave today, there is that :slight_smile:

I think it is a good name, except it is tied to Git… while there are other types of forges (but git rules supreme overall). It is simple to remember, rolls well off the tongue, and it has some meaning to it that’s close to what the product does. It is also a rallying cry: “Get weaving!”

PS. Devweave is also possible, but it is less strong as a name.

Gitweave: Where code comes together

Gitweave: Brings coders together

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To avoid Git in the name, here’s:

CoderGlue: Let’s code together

  • Bind code together
  • Ties code together
  • Brings code together

All domain names at your disposal :grin:

(things like codeglue.me are also possible)

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I love it. It conveys all the ideas:

  • It’s for people working around code
  • It’s glue to bring people together
  • It’s glue to bind forges together
  • Once they are all bound together the glue becomes part of the whole and disolves

“codeblue” made me think about code blue but it’s not a positive association.

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Nice! I like brainstorming names. Would be quick in registering a domain, so no squatter takes it (if you like it enough for that).

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Code: Blue was a New York City police SWAT team that was specially trained and equipped to deal with super-powered criminals.

Yes, I know :laughing:

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I’m tempted to go for coderglue.org but maybe another extension would be nicer?

Yes, I would do that. There are other options, but this one is the most fitting.

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With this you can make the pitch more loose and casual, friendly-sounding, I think. You can use the word coders, and code hosting, federated code, collaborative coding… things like that. And end with “Let’s code together”.

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Registered! Let’s think about it for a few days and see how everyone likes it or not. @aschrijver I’m impressed by your creativity :art:

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Now we can present it with some formatted text and as an emblem…


Just an idea, @dachary :wink:

The icon needs to be recreated, as this is an existing one. Maybe to something completely different. Here are image details:

Inkscape SVG:


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Created with an adapted version of a Network icon, such that it represents a smiling person too, with a soothing hand over it (added a stroke for thicker lines too).

Inkscape SVG version:


(Don’t feel obliged to use any of this, just discard if you do not like it… I am in my element, but will stop now :blush:)

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I’m speechless… this is great. :tada:

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I woke up this morning thinking that fedeproxy/coderglue should (must?) be developed in a federated way, from the beginning. Not only should there be a showcase (e.g. me working on Ceph from GitLab although it’s on GitHub). It would be strange if fedeproxy/coderglue was not actively developed on at least two different forges (to make it simpler those two forges could both be GitLab, but they would be two different GitLab instances).

But I will have to wait a few days: my next fedeproxy day is thursday 22 and the beginning of this week is busy with they other project I’m working on this year (Ceph related).

I am preparing some projects (bit stalled due to community work) where I spread between 2 forges. I described on Lemmy: https://lemmy.ml/post/32715/comment/50043

It is an interested idea, and we might brainstorm how to shape that to be as federated as possible, while still streamlined. I really like Codeberg + Gitea a lot, as it is truly FOSS through and through. For Gitlab I am expecting a multi-billion dollar takeover in the future. Maybe to become Amazon, who knowns.

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Since I learned that CoderGlue is not a well-enough name…

Via FedisHospEx I bumped into a software that can be used to vote on names, that I wanted to mention. Here’s the brainstorm for FediHospEx on Ukuvota: https://ukuvota.world/#/app/63841ecc-fba4-1a57-6360-29f6a69fc6a2/collect

Organization structure: Umbrella project + sub-projects

Other than that (and this might warrant a separate topic) there’s the consideration that FedeProxy might not be a single initiative + project, but an ‘umbrella’ of multiple subprojects / initiatives. FedeProxy can keep its name as-is then, and it is these subprojects that can be separately named and ‘branded’.

This organization structure would align with a modular approach to projects + architecture. Having both organization and architecture ‘modularized’ is a good way to ensure you take the requirements that flow from that into account.

Maybe (merely brainstorming) what we already have is:

  • FedeProxy: Umbrella organization (or initiative / movement / community)
    • Core module: DVCS, AP federation, “the plumbing”
    • Social module: Boundless collaboration, Diversity

These modules can have distinctive names / ‘brands’, be separate sub-projects. The latter one is what I would call “CoderGlue: Let’s code together”, atm (and a better name can be ideated).

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