DAPSI call deadline 20/01/2021

Received the following answer from https://www.imt-starter.fr/

Bonjour Loic

redacted, enchanté. Je travaille à IMT Starter, partenaire de DAPSI.

Le plus simple c’est de faire un call pour essayer de mieux répondre à votre question.
Je préfère un call zoom ou je souhaite inviter redacted mon collègue et coach pour votre projet dans le cadre de DAPSI.

Auriez-vous une disponibilité demain matin après 11 h ou l’après-midi?


I replied today:

Bonjour et enchanté de même :slight_smile:

Merci de votre réponse rapide! Je suis disponible à 15h00 jeudi 29 avril 2021 pour discuter.

Pour des raisons éthiques[0] je n’utilise pas Zoom ni aucun service de visioconférence propriétaire. Tout comme je n’utilise pas GitHub, sujet qui est d’ailleurs au centre du projet fedeproxy[1]. Malheureusement cela présente parfois des inconvénients et je vous prie de m’excuser pour le désagrément. Accepteriez vous que nous nous rencontrions sur


C’est un service de visioconférence logiciel libre[2] auto-hébergé qui fonctionne avec n’importe un navigateur web. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’installer quoi que ce soit. Si cela vous pose des problèmes, je pourrais rejoindre la visioconférence par téléphone, comme je l’ai fait lors du kickoff vendredi dernier. Il faudra pour cela me communiquer le numéro d’appel en France: il doit apparaître dans votre panel d’administration Zoom mais n’est pas disponible publiquement pour les personnes qui ne sont pas inscrites sur le service Zoom.

Bien cordialement

[0] https://blog.dachary.org/2020/12/19/looking-for-a-free-software-vegetarian-developer-position/
[1] https://dapsi.ngi.eu/hall-of-fame/fedeproxy/
[2] https://jitsi.org/

Got a reply today:

Re bonjour

j’ai aucun soucis pour faire cela sur jitsi. J’ai déjà utilisé.

Pour être très honnête je n’ai aucune “religion” sur le type de service du moment que cela fonctionne et que nous arrivons à se parler.

Le zoom la semaine dernière c’est moi qui l’est proposé donc je vois bien l’histoire du numéro d’appel.

OK pour demain à 15h.

Sur le lien que vous m’avez envoyé.


Mail received today from DAPSI organizers:

Dear DAPSI teams,

I hope you enjoyed the event last Friday. It was a pleasure to know more about you and your projects (even if it was virtual).

As promised, we share:

  • the presentations used to explain the programme, evaluation, etc. More detailed guidelines with your KPIs will be shared in the coming days.
  • the programme calendar for the first 5 months (Phase1). You will see the main activity is happening in May-July due to the vacation period.
  • The session recording here, only Part 1 (consortium part): redacted

The part of the pitches won`t be shared for privacy reasons.

Best regards,

All attachments are here.

KPI.pdf (647.0 KB)


  • M1 – 1st Payment
    • No evaluation, based on grant agreement signature and attendance to the KoM
  • M5 - 2 nd Payment & Pass to Phase 2
    • Payment: Continuous evaluation: Technical validation (50%), Business validation (40%), Participation (10%)
    • Pass to phase 2: Semi-public event with Advisory Board Members and experts: Continuous evaluation (50%), Event presentation (50%)
  • M10 – 3 rd Payment
    • Technical validation (50%), Business validation (20%), Participation during the training
      programme (10%), Participation in the final event

Technical Evaluation for the Payments

  • Based on the type and promised milestones/deliverable some of the following categories will be considered:
  • Document deliverable
    • Well documented
    • Respecting GDPR compliance requirement
  • Use Case Document
    • Scenarios
    • How it matches with the system requirements
  • Architecture Document
    • Does the architecture include functions that support the chosen sub-domain?
    • Does the architecture answer the requirements set by the customer?

Evaluation for the 2 nd Payment

  • Functional & Technical Requirement / Software Development Roadmap
  • Are the required functionalities for the chosen sub-domain considered?
  • If applicable:
    • Quality of data after the transformation – how it is measured and checked?
    • Syntactic interoperability: a pre-requisite to semantic, e.g., common data format and common protocol to structure the data
    • Semantic interoperability: interpret the meaning of the exchanged data unambiguously
    • Structural interoperability: the format of the data exchange (RDF, JSON, …)

Evalution Methods

  • The evaluation of document-based deliverables will be communicated by email
  • Prototype/APIs/demos
    • Recorded video
    • If necessary, video calls will be organized with the team
    • Accessible (via website)
    • Opensource (Github)
  • Each team should specify a contact person

Mail received today, in HTML format because it contains a table.

One of the first administrative tasks to do is to create some contact lists to have a proper communication flow for official information. So please, reply this mail as soon as possible to this email indicating the contact (s) for the following topics:

20210429-DAPSI-Internal mailing lists-80385.html (25.5 KB)

I replied today by providing both Pierre-Louis and my name for the general mailing list and my name only for all other contacts. It is weird replying by filling a HTML table within a mail but it actually works.


Please find the requested information below.


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On the topic of how I should report the income to the French IRS and after no less than four mails and four phone conversations, I will settle for adding the amount as a salary from a foreign country within the Euro zone, as explained in the following document:

Today I sent a formal request with the subgrant agreement attached to the french IRS:


Je souhaite savoir de quelle façon déclarer une subvention que je recevrais sur l’année 2021 et dont la source est la Commission Européenne. Vous trouverez ci-joint l’unique document qui est signée par l’organisation mandatée par la commission afin de gérer les fonds et moi même, à titre particulier.

Grant Agreement No.: 871498
Call: H2020-ICT-2018-2020
Topic: ICT-24-2018-2019
Type of action: RIA

J’ai a plusieurs reprises appelé et conversé avec des personnes du trésor public qui m’ont conseillé de faire ma demande par écrit dans cet espace.

En vous remerciant par avance de votre aide.


2021-05-06-tresor-public-question.pdf (35.6 KB)

And the reply (definitive: I don’t have the option to answer) was received today:


si vous êtes lié par un contrat de travail avec l’employeur et que par conséquent vous êtes assimilé à un salarié, vous devez déclarer cette subvention en salaires en ligne 1AJ “traitements et salaires” de la déclaration n°2042.


To be honest I don’t quite understand what it means (the employer can only be interpreted as my current employer who pays my salary part time … but it has zero relation with the DAPSI grant so I don’t see how it is relevant), but I’ll follow their directions. Should they object that I did wrong at a later time, this will at least show that I made an honest mistake.

Sent today:

Subject: Application Infrastructure and Support Tools Webinar


Unless I’m mistaken we have not received instructions on how to join the webinar. I checked my spam inbox :slight_smile: Would you be so kind as to forward us a copy of the invitation?

Thanks in advance for your help

Received this morning:

Dear Loïc,

I copy my colleague redacted in charge of this webinar so he can clarify.

Best regards,

Here is the reply received today:

Dear all, I have to apologize but due to a misunderstanding, the webinar is postponed to Thursday (May 13th) at 10:00 AM.

I will send you asap all details and a calendar invitation!!

For those who will be not able to attend due to this short notice, I will offer the chance to attend also another session.

Sorry again and see you on Thursday!!

Received a survey request today:


The purpose of this survey is to collect useful information about the state of the art of your company in terms of infrastructures, previous experiences, and knowledge about the tools that will be used during the DAPSI program. We collect such information at the beginning of the path in order to customize the topics of each training session, and we will collect again your feedback at the end of the project, in order to evaluate our effectiveness.

Do you already have an Application Infrastructure in your company? (such as Amazon AWS; Google Cloud; etc.) *

How do you rate your knowledge about FIWARE Lab (the free application infrastructure offered by DAPSI)? *

Could you consider using FIWARE Lab as your application infrastructure after the training that will be held on May 13th? *

How do you rate your knowledge about the FIWARE ecosystem?

How do you rate your knowledge about FIWARE Generic Enablers? *

How do you rate your knowledge about Redmine support tool? *

Have you ever used a Knowledge Base Management System before? *

Contact Information
Please, confirm here your name/s and email/s for future communication about technical training and support tools. It/they will be also used to create the corresponding Redmine Account/s
Redmine Homepage: https://support.dapsi.ngi.eu
Redmine Privacy Policy: https://docs.dapsi.ngi.eu/category/documentation/redmine/
Loïc Dachary loic@dachary.org Pierre-Louis Bonicoli pierre-louis.bonicoli@libregerbil.fr

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I received and accepted an invitation for the tomorrow google meet meeting Application Infrastructure and Support Tools (Thursday, May 13, 2021 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM).

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I received the same invitation and replied:

Would it be possible to setup the videoconference on a service hosted with Free Software such as https://jitsi.org/ or https://bigbluebutton.org? Or to be able to join using a regular phone number?

I apologize for this request and would fully understand if you do not provide alternatives. I’m a Free Software vegetarian[0], meaning I do not use proprietary software, even when they are awesome. Very much like a vegetarian would not eat meat, even when it is delicious :slight_smile: It is an ethical and personal choice I made years ago and it sometimes causes problems.

If there is no way to join the meeting other than Google Meet, I could watch the recording afterwards. It’s just an idea though: I’m trying to find all imaginable ways to participate without using proprietary software.

Thanks a lot for your understanding and I look forward to finding the best possible solution.


[0] https://blog.dachary.org/2020/12/19/looking-for-a-free-software-vegetarian-developer-position/

Received today:

Dear DAPSI innovators of our second call,

Welcome to this mailing list for general communication purposes. All the contacts for the 15 projects and our consortium partners are in this distribution list.

To open this channel, I will share with you an interesting event happening next week in the context of the NGI initiative and where some of our projects from Round 1 will participate. The details below:

The NGI Forum 2021 is already next week, and you are specially invited to join the one-hour session called How to make data portability go mainstream?

As you know, the right to data portability was considered one of the most important novelties within the EU General Data Protection Regulation. An opportunity to give the power of personal data back to people’s hand and fuel competition. But users still demand more practicality associated with the rules. Five experts and innovators from DAPSI will discuss how data portability can go mainstream.


  • Michiel de Jong (Ponder Source) (DAPSI’s Advisory Board Member)


  • Alejandro Russo (Dpella project)
  • Tom Haegemans (UI-Transfer project)
  • Hans-Joerg (OpenXPort project)
  • Mehdi Medjaoui (ALIAS project)


Please make sure you share this information with all your team members and with everyone you think might be interested.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Received today:

Microsoft 365 Work Brilliantly Together

Welcome to the DAPSI_Round2_Phase1 group

How to participate

As a guest, you’re invited to take part in group conversations, share the latest ideas saved in the group files and notebook, and manage group tasks.

Email the group

For easy access, add DAPSI_Round2_Phase1@zabalacorp.onmicrosoft.com to your contacts and save this message in your inbox so you can refer back to it.

Go to SharePoint

Discover documents and photos shared by group members in the dedicated site.

Go to the shared notebook

Read and add to the latest notes from group members.

I hope participating via email will be good enough. Otherwise I’ll kindly ask someone to send me the documents that are published in a space that would require using a proprietary service to access.

Today 24,800€ were received by my from DAPSI. I wired 50% (i.e. 12,400€) to Libregerbil.

I did not receive a reply and was therefore not able to attend the May 13th, 2021 webinar.