DAPSI call deadline 23/11/2021

I’ve just received the following email, in case you/others may be interested (although I suspect others here may have also received the same email)

Data Portability and Services Incubator (DAPSI) has launched its third and last open call for internet innovators.

A total budget of €2.5 million is available to support the best proposals. Participants will get:

  • Grants up to €150k (equity-free)
  • Free business and technical training
  • Free access to top infrastructure

Apply by 23 November 2021, at 05:00pm CET!

Info: https://dapsi.ngi.eu/apply
Open call webinar: DAPSI Open Call #3 - Webinar #1 - Guide for applicants | F6S
Apply via: Apply to DAPSI Open Call #3 | F6S

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This is actually an excellent opportunity for fedeproxy, thanks! I missed the mail :grin:

It also is a low hanging fruit for Gitea: the generic grant application has all the elements as well as an example that can be re-used.

Would we be able to apply for it as well? I saw the following in the DAPSI application:

“By ticking this box, I confirm the applicant(s) has not received funding for a similar project and that the applicant(s) has enough Operational Capacity to carry out the work. In addition, the applicant(s) gives consent to DAPSI consortium to share the needed information with other NGI RIAs projects for the only purpose of cross-check that there is not double funding or operational capacity conflict.”

Makes me think that they won’t double fund the same effort, so if we are accepted for one grant we couldn’t work on the other (at least for the same idea).

There are a few ideas for Gitea that would be well suited to DAPSI unrelated to federation.

They won’t but you will not know if the NLnet grant is accepted before the November 23rd, 2021 deadline. It is legitimate to apply to DAPSI with exactly the same project: only you will have to chose one if both are accepted. See this accepted NLnet grant application to get an idea of the timeline.

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Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for your guidance.

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