Delightful version control

As part of the project you encounter numerous git, version control, code forge related (F)OSS projects. And I see that you ‘dump’ links in separate forum topics for reference. I expect these to be hard to find later.

I created the delightful project for the reason of collecting FOSS, Open Data and Open Science related curated lists, that can be maintained by anyone and on the forge of their chosing.

Therefore I’d like you to consider maintaining FedeProxy related resources on your own themed delightful list, maybe delightful-version-control and/or delightful-git or something. It’s a win-win. You do work you already do, but now stuff sticks together and has usability beyond FedeProxy. And also I’ll do promo for new entries, e.g. tooting “New items [this and that] on [curated list] … maintained by #FedeProxy project.” notifications.


Apart from that there’s an additional category of resources that are not eligible for delightful lists (e.g. commercial, proprietary) that are nonetheless interesting for FedeProxy, if only sideways in many cases. Like inspirational stuff for ideation or input to ‘product management’. And not necessarily for you or the ‘core devs’ but others in the community who may start side-projects in the ‘FedeProxy ecosystem’.

As an example, I just bumped into Gitpod via SustainOSS (who are OSS, not really FOSS-focused).

What they do comes closer to Unified Software Development, not central to FedeProxy now, but not irrelevant either.

This type of resources might warrant a collection topic or even a (sub)category of the forum.