Implementing fedeproxy in Go


I’m contemplating the idea of implementing fedeproxy in Go instead of Python. Mainly because it would provide more opportunities to share code, ideas and efforts with Gitea and go-fed. It would mean essentially throwing away the python code that already exists and rewrite it in Go. But there are no users and now is probably the last time such a radical decision can be made.

It is an intuition based on what I discovered of the Gitea project and community in the past few months. Not a thought through plan, rather a discussion starter.

What do you think?

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If I was to pursue this, my first goal would probably be to work on a testsuite

I would love it, but am biased. Aligning with Gitea would make a lot of sense. In terms of community involvement GoToSocial is inspiring I think. There’s a lotta interaction in the Matrix chatrooms. So much so that the maintainer decided to split in Dev + Misc rooms. It is a great means to engage with contributors (matrix as a tool may work just as well for Python dev, of course).

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