NLnet webinar on linked data

With forgefed


Today J. A. from NLnet sent a mail to invite fedeproxy to participate in the upcoming webinar they are organizing (June 21st, 2021 9:30am). It would be a 5 minutes talk on “on data interoperability, possibly related to Linked Data”. The webinar will include representative of projects funded by NLnet DAPSI etc. (under the NGI umbrella), including Forgefed.

Although fedeproxy has no implementation yet, there is enough material to explain how Forgefed fits as well as the strategy to use Linked Data in a pragmatic way. I won’t be available on that day but I’d be happy to work with anyone interested and rehearse the presentation via videoconference.

I suppose there is going to be a short Q&A afterwards and that recording the presentation in advance is not really an option. Or maybe it is?


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