User Research next steps


It’s a little early to think about user feedback because there is absolutely nothing at the moment :sweat_smile: However… I met Nuria by chance and her job is to do User Research. Serendipity. Today we had a nice talk about the next steps fedeproxy could engage in once the early adopters start using what it provides. Here are the bullet points:

  • First impression
  • Where the user starts to struggle
  • They either get use to it
  • Or they run away
  • Come back to them after a little while and ask how they dealt
  • Could it be that
    • They need more training
    • They are still unconfortable
    • They need for a fix
  • It is better to let them speak about how they use the software and express the problems (it is not a good idea to ask them for problems)
  • Shadowing would be best but how ?
  • Add a visible button to send comment, ask for help etc. link to the forum
  • Immediate feedback (5 smileys) on a specific action + space for comment
  • Design A/B tests from the start to compare User Experiences
  • Rating the links between forges somehow (the way someone would rate a translation). Not sure it would work though, just to keep in mind.
  • How do you measure a good experience
    • Save time
    • Less steps (should be stored by the tools)
    • Less loss of links between forges (measure the number of links between forges at the moment, measure how much more there is afterwards)




@nuriagonzalezortin would you be available for a videoconference on the next steps of User Research? There is no immediate urgency in case you are busy :slight_smile: